• Where can I apply my vinyl?

The vinyl will stick to most surfaces. Walls (sometimes if the wall is really textured they will need a little more babying to get on tight), glass, wood,metal and tile. If there is something specific you are wanting to put a vinyl on, contact me, I will send you a sample piece that you can test it out.

  • Can you remove the vinyl once it is applied?

Yes, the vinyl will easily lift if you just warm it with a blow drier. You can use either your fingernail or tweezers to lift off the letters. The vinyl will not damage your paint but if it has been up for a long period the rest of the walls may have faded around the vinyl. Once the vinyl is removed you are not able to reuse it again.

  • How do I measure for my vinyl?

The size is measured by the top of the tallest letter to the bottom of the lowest letter. Example: The word Vinyl would be measured from the top of the capital V to the bottom of the y.

  • How can I pay?

We accept cash, check, and paypal. Once we receive your payment we will begin working on your order.

  • How long does it take to get my vinyl?

Depending on the size of the order we can usually do a 1 or 2 day turn around. Let me know if you need it sooner than that, we can work something out.

  • How do I apply my vinyl?

Use these simple directions to apply your vinyl perfectly!

1. Lay your vinyl flat for a few hours if it has been rolled up due to shipping. Once it is flat rub over the entire surface with something similar to a credit card. This ensures that everything is where it is supposed to be!

2. Wash the surface you will be applying. Especially on floor tiles, they tend to have a dusty film on them. Make sure it is very dry before you begin.

3. Determine exactly where you want it to go. Measure and make some guidelines on your wall so it goes on straight.

4. Remove the backing paper from the vinyl and place on your surface.

5. When it is just where you want it, go back over the entire surface again with the same object you used before. Work from the center to the outer edge to avoid any air bubbles.

6. Remove the transfer tape SLOWLY! If you have a big piece you are working with you might want to cut the tape with a little knife so you can work with smaller pieces at a time. It tends to work best if you work from a top corner. When you are peeling off the transfer paper if some of the letters arent sticking to your surface simply stick it back up to the wall and push it down with your finger.

7. Stand back....Admire....Order more!!